Compact and robust machine made of AISI-304 stainless steel, ideal for use in smaller spaces. Monitored by sensors, ensures maximum protection against injuries, meets all regulations of Brazilian Regulatory Standard *NR-12.

User-friendly touch screen with all parameters clearly displayed; easily configurable slicing programs – different programs entered, saved and sorted. Electronic components highly resistant to humid environments.

Recommended for use in food, meat and dairy industries, also supermarket chains, distributors, and cooperatives; slicer is ideal for slicing a wide variety of products including cheese, bacon, salami, ham, various sausages and cold cuts.

Meets the most demanding market needs, providing customers high profitability and low operating and maintenance costs.

*NR-12 – Brazilian Regulatory Standard for Machinery and Work Equipment Safety


Slicing performance

Slices per minute:

1 unit = up to 200 slices.

2 units = up to 400 slices.

3 units = up to 600 slices.


Kilograms per hour:

1 unit = up to 200 kg.

2 units = up to 400 kg.

3 units = up to 600 kg.

Technical features

  • Common slice portion presentations are stacked and shingled.
  • Precise slice thickness control.
  • Servomotor for slice thickness control.
  • Simultaneous slicing: 3 pieces, each up to 100 mm wide.
  • Stacking: up to 50 mm height.
  • Work area accommodates raw materials up to 700 mm in length.
  • Product delivered to conveyor belt (1300 mm).
  • Conveyor belt meets food industry standards.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Electronic weighing and weight correction with integrated discharge system.


Dimensions (mm) (L x H x W)  2748 x 1923 x 994
Weight  420 kg
Voltage  380 V
Power  2610 W






Control slice thickness and number of slices per serving/weight.