RAL . 04 BDJ


Compact and robust machine made of AISI-304 stainless steel, ideal for use in smaller spaces. Monitored by sensors, ensures maximum protection against injuries, meets all regulations of Brazilian Regulatory Standard *NR-12.

Effective shredding and grating of cheese and other products such as ham and chocolate. Machine meets all food industry standards.

Designed to meet the most demanding requirements and market needs, providing customers high profitability and low operating and maintenance costs.

*NR-12 – Brazilian Regulatory Standard for Machinery and Work Equipment Safety

• Production performance: up to 300 kg/hour.
• Integrated cutting system for whole pieces: up to 70 cm in length.
• Product throat width: Ø 170 mm.
• Basket with Ø 4mm hole diameters; can be manufactured to meet customer specifications.
• Easily disassembled for cleaning.

Technical features


Dimensions (mm) (L x H x W)    1320 x 1190 x 565
Tray ( W x L )     662 x 1014
Weight    155 Kg
Voltage    Three-phase 380 V
Power    3000 W
Motor    4 HP




Control slice thickness and number of slices per serving/weight.